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Cigar Smoking
How to become a Know
It All

For cigar-lovers who
dream of becoming an
instant cigar aficionado
Playboy The Book
of Cigars
"The coolest, most
comprehensive, and
best-looking book on
stogies ever written"  (Bill
The Complete Idiot's
Guide to Cigars
Here’s the only
comprehensive book
on the subject,
featuring all the
information that
novice and veteran
cigar aficionados
Cigar Companion
Notes for more
than 200 fine
cigars, organized
by brand.
Advice on buying,
preparation, and
smoking etiquette.
Cigar Lover's

Irreverent guide
to cigar smoking.

Available for
A Perfect Smoke:
Pocket Cigar

Allows you to
record and review
up to 50 cigars
you've smoked.
The Ultimate Cigar

A comprehensive visual
directory of over 120
brands, with a history of
the manufacture and
development of the
premium cigar
Smoke a Cigar
Guide to Cigars,
Cigar Smoking and
Cigar Accessories
Whether you're a
beginner or an
experienced cigar
smoker, this incisive
book cuts to the
chase. is provides an easy search tool to find all printed books and
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This unique Cigar Journal is
Connoisseur". Every cigar smoker
has their own discerning needs, from
the experienced to the novice. This
unique Cigar Journal is Each
individual should use designed for
the "Cigar their own judgement to
guide them in choosing a cigar. This
Cigar Journal enables you to rate,
evaluate, and record your
experiences at any time and place.
The format is designed to simplify
your input (Brand, Model, Rating,
Date, etc...) and to collect cigar
bands from around the world. In the
appendix is a listing of basic
terminology that is used throughout
the cigar world.
A Perfect Smoke: Pocket
Cigar Journal allows you to
review up to 50 cigars
you've smoked. This
pocket sized journal also
allows you to attach your
bands, rate your cigar and
record all your statistics. A
Perfect Smoke also
includes a style guide, ring
gauge guide and a place to
record your favorite
smokes and retailers. At
only 4.25"x 6.75, this
journal is perfect for
travelers or for slipping into
your pocket or briefcase.
More than just a collection
of pages to write down a
few notes, this journal
provides a complete
scoring system and method
to score and record two
hundred cigars as well as
keep a list of your favorites.
No other cigar journal
offers this much.
CIGAR BOOKS                                                                                                                                                                              BOOKS ABOUT CIGARS
cigar books
pipe books
made simple
Find the
best selling
cigar books
pipe books
From novice cigar
smokers to accomplished,
ideal for tracking useful
cigar smoking data, such
as: the band (paste in);
branch name; model;
country of origin;
size/shape; length; ring
size; wrapper; location
purchased (and when);
price; smoked
smokeworthy (would you
buy and smoke this cigar
The ideal reference for
the novice cigar
fancier, with guidelines
for selecting a cigar,
cutting, lighting, and
cigar brands, styles,
history, and humidor
selection and usage
An insider’s guide to
Cuban cigars with
information on
tobacco strains,
production and the
business of Cuban
Purchase a
subscription to
America's premier
cigar magazine.

A perfect Gift
Cigar connoisseurs:

This dossier allows
you to keep records
and reviews of cigars
that you've smoked.
The Tobacconist
Handbook exists as a
resource for lovers of
luxury tobacco to
enhance our
appreciation, and
quality of life.
Who says guys get all
the fun when it comes
to smoking cigars?
This definitive "How
To" cigar book that
leaves women
empowered to smoke
with the best of them.
The quintessential art
book for the cigar lover,
this memorable book
should be relished in
the same spirit as the
artwork--and the
subject matter--that it
This manifesto of
cigar history,
legend, and lore
takes a stylish
look at the
making and
enjoyment of fine
Long before leadership
became identified as
the catalyst for
corporate success, the
Civil War's winning
general was showing
the world how dynamic
leadership is the crucial
determinant of victory
or defeat.
No other book contains as
much detailed and factual
information on virtually
every facet of cigar
making and cigar smoking.
The Cigar City. The year is
1898. Young Cuban rebel
Salvador Ortiz and his
family have escaped the
hardship of war-torn Cuba,
but the union halls, cigar
factories, and dark alleys
of Tampa are filled with
violence and vendetta.
These stories and more
are intertwined with
facts, firsts, definitions,
and literary passages
in this amusing,
exclusive selection of
the world's great cigar
lore. So light up, sit
back, relax, and enjoy.
enjoy your cigar • building
a cigar • cigar types •
colors • cigar
manufacturing • the
wrapper • cigar tobacco -
growing regions • drinks
which complement cigars •
cutting your cigar • lighting
your cigar • shapes & sizes
• glossary • popular brands
• fine vintage cigars
Capitalism, God, and a
what the changes
implemented since the
early 1990s have meant
for ordinary Cubans: hotel
artists, writers,
homemakers, and others.
A history of
Havana CIgars
from the time
Great pictures of
old cigar boxes
and bands.
export from Cuba, its
unique cigars, have
Cuba's greatest living
writer describe the
cigar's unique position
in both Cuba and the
world, use photographs
by Cuba's most
important photographer
convenient, expert
and well-priced guide
you'll find to tell you
what cigars are
available, how and
where you can get
them, and what the
qualities are of each
brand and variety.
The world's ultimate
cigar magazine now
book. An ideal gift or
personal reference, this
volume offers tours of
destinations, including
Cuba's famous cigar
An ideal introduction
for the cigar
neophyte as well as
a superb guide for
the experienced
smoker, The Havana
Cigar is, like its
subject, without peer.
volume boxed set details
the history and traditions of
the cigar, from tobacco
harvesting to the The first
book in this two-
significance of the cigar
ring and how to detect a
counterfeit cigar, followed
by a practical buyer’s
guide listing shops, clubs,
websites, and useful
This book is about
connection between
certain elements
concerning cigars
and poetry and how
they are related, on
many levels, to the
world of art, history,
culture, and politics
A book on the
history of
education. Just when you
it confounds you with
another brow-beating
education. Just when you
riddle. That essentially is
riddle. That essentially is
its underlying attraction.” –
Brendan Sainsbury,
Lonely Planet Writer
How to choose, cut
and light a cigar. And
just what is it that the
cigar makers don't
want you to know?
Lots of information
that will help you save
hundreds of dollars
on humidors, lighters
and yes, even cigars.
has been unequivocally
considerd the pinnacle
of smoking pleasure.
This unparalleled quality
of the Havana cigar has
Throughout the history
bound the idea of Cuba
with its most coveted
export, and has held the
imaginations of
aficionados around the
world for 500 years.
This is a unique look at the
rare American cars that
were exported to Cuba in
the 1930s, '40s and '50s.
Many are still in excellent
working order having been
passed down from
generation to generation
and in this book each has
been photographed and
described in loving detail
Do you know how to
fastball? Mix the
perfect martini? How
about Ben Franklin’
s 13 Rules of
Learn all this and
contains over 100 cigar log
entry pages, a description
of cigar anatomy, basic
production steps from
tobacco seed to cigar and
typical cigar sizes and
shapes. This book gives
you a place to measure
your cigar ring gauge and
length and even index your
cigar entries
101 Things Every Man
Should Know How to Do is
the ultimate manthology.
With entries that range
from the sublime to the
sardonic, this book is the
pitch-perfect gift, the
laugh-out-loud beach
read, the steady bathroom
Churchill's cigar was such an
important beacon of resistance
that MI5, together with the
During World War II, Winston
nation's top scientists, tested
the Prime Minister's supplies on
mice rather than risk sabotage.
Today, Churchill and his cigar
remains a global icon,
memorialized by a 151-foot
statue of a cigar in Australia,
while his cigar stubs are
treasured as relics.
The Complete Guide to
Cigars offers a
comprehensive exploration
of the history of cigars,
from the very first
plantations to the
modern-day cult of the
cigar. It also has an
extensive directory, listing
the establushed brands
from the major
cigar-producing countries
around the world.
This pocket-sized
companion features
everything a man
should know  
(but probably doesn't)
Here for the first
time is a travel
Cuba, written for
the cigar smoker.
brand Partagás in Cuba.
Bilingual English & A
biography of the cigar
brand Partagás in Cuba.
Bilingual English &
Spanish. Many images and
documents from the
collections of the National
Library of Cuba, The
Partagás Archives, The
Museum of Tobacco in
Havana and collections
private and public from all
over the world.
funny but informative
guide with subjects
like: How To Blow A
Smoke Ring, How To
Spot a Fake Cuban
Cigar, How To Pick A
Good Cigar, Are
Drugstore Cigars Any
Good and other killer
Cigar connoisseurs:

This dossier allows
you to keep records
and reviews of cigars
that you've smoked.
Central America, through
Cuba's rich aromas, to the
Dominican Republic's
finesse to show you the
finest cigars available the
powerful tobaccos of today,
and why it is worth being a
snob about the cigars you
choose to smoke.
A premier source for whisky
information, education and
entertainment for whisky
enthusiasts. Explore the world of
single malts, scotch, bourbon, rye,
Canadian whisky, Irish Whiskey
and craft distillers and increase
your enjoyment of one of life's
great pleasures! Each issue
features reviews and ratings you
can rely on when you're ready to
make your next whisky purchase.
"100 of the" series books
brings you yet another
exciting book on the 100
of the Best Cigars from
South America. Read
this book and many
other 100 of the Best,
Most, Ugliest, Top,
Coolest and more books.
This book gives the
standards of Scotch,
Irish, American, and
Canadian Whiskies,
Brandy [Cognac] &
Cigars, accompanied by
their history, production
methods, variances of
the product, definitions,
flavor profiles and how to
pair them with various
foods or other spirits.